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History in Glinsk Book

Extracts from the book “History in Glinsk” have been used in the history content of this website.

This book is the culmination of twenty years of research, documenting the rich history and heritage of the Glinsk Area.

This book is an effort to preserve the local History, Heritage and folklore of the area.

Chapters in the book deal extensively with Glinsk Castle, Ballinakill Abbey, Kilcolumb, O’Sullivan Beare, The First Bishop of New York and the “first Burke to set foot on Irish soil”.

A Glinsk Community Council publication, edited and presented by Martin Ward.

The Following table contains a list of subjects covered in its contents:

Glinsk Castle : Architecture
Glinsk Castle : Historical Background
Looking at our History through the eyes of Glinsk Castle:-
Reformation: P. 18; Kinsale Connection: P.19; Rebellion of 1641: P.20;
Cromwellian era : P. 21; O’Carolan ; p. 23; Penal Times: P.24;
Census of 1749: P 27; Lewis’ note on parish: P. 28; Hedge-schools: P.29
Occupation of Galway by the Anglo-Normans.
History of the DeBurghs(Burkes)
Lords of Clanconway : O’Finaghty to Burke
Ancestry of the Glinsk Burkes
‘Barontege and Peerage’
Geneology of the McDavid Burkes
Annals of the Four Masters
Annals of Connacht
Retreat of O’Sullivan Beare
O’Donavon’s Ordnance Survey Letters.
The Great Famine
Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth
Dominicans in this parish
Essay on Glinsk Castle
The Moving Bog
Parnell’s last Public Address
Eamon Ceannt
President Kennedy and the Glinsk connection
Custom and Ritual in Glinsk
Sesquicenterary of Glinsk Church – Bishop Conway
Ballinakill Abbey
Effigy of a Burke Knight
Riddle of the Burke Effigy
Ballinakill Madonna and Child
"The Greatest Good………."
The Ballinakill Petition
Three Crucifixion Plaques from Ballinakill Abbey
Coat of Arms, Crest and Motto of the Glinsk Burkes
First Bishop of New York
Formation of Parishes
Centre of Worship in Glinsk prior to 1843
Parish Placenames explained
The Church at Kilcolumb
Kilcolumb Holy Well – The tradition and the mystery
A visit to Kilcolumb
Pattern Day at Kilcolumb
St. Michael’s Well
Dawn of a new Millennium
Caisleán Ghlinsce(1)
Caisleán Uaigneach Ghlinsce
Caisleán Ghlinsce(2)
Glinsk Castle
The Enchanted Lake
"The Roaring Ghost"
Excerpts from the Schools’ Folklore collection.
Glinsk Castle : Experiencing the past
O’Sullivan Beare in Glinsk
The Great War
Liam Mellowes Hall
Father Flanagan
The Priest’s Boy
Schools of the Parish(1940)
Schools of the Parish(1979)
End of an Era at Toberroe NS
Holy Wells etc from Elphin Diocesan Archives
Petty’s Map
What is a Barony?
Ordnance Survey Map 1837-1900
Fr. P J Scott and the Handball Alley
Priests of the Parish