The River Suck links a 60 mile stretch of countryside in West Roscommon and East Galway known as The Suck River Valley.

The Suck Valley Way is marked with black posts on which carved yellow arrows show direction, and feature the international Walking Man symbol above the arrow. Whenever the Way leaves or joins a tarmac road you will see a brown fingerpost inscribed “Suck Valley Way” with the Walking Man Symbol.

The 100km Walk Way is unusual among Irish Waymarked Ways because for most of it’s length it lies across lowland farms. It also crosses the boglands and callows of the river Suck with their numerous lakes and drainage channels. The way passes through the “Nine Friendly Villages”, Ballygar, Creggs, Glinsk, Ballymoe, Ballintubber, Dunamon, Castlecoote, Athleague and Castlecoote.

Each of the “Nine Friendly Villages” has its own charm and association with characters from history. In each village you will see a Map Board depicting the route and historical sites of the valley.

The area is rich in history, and offers a unique opportunity to experience the life of rural Ireland, a glimpse of its history and the rich bird- and plant-life of the boglands and callows.